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In our digital age a Web Presence is a must have for businesses, non-profits, and creative individuals. We are a one stop shop for setting up, designing, and managing web presences. Our sites are hosted by GoDaddy, Hostgator, or a hosting service of your choice. Our preferred design platform is WordPress, using “responsive” themes. WordPress has the advantage that minor edits to the content can be performed by the website owner / customer proper through a simple interface. Responsiveness of websites refers to their ability to adjust their layout automatically to display on desk- and lap-top screens versus tablets and smartphones. We believe that in the light of the smart phone and tablet revolution, responsiveness is paramount. Google has also recognized this and therefore gives “mobile-friendly” websites higher scores in their listings. However, based on customer preference, we are also able to create static sites and/or straight html-based designs. We also design and set up web stores, preferably through the PayPal payment interface, which is secure accepts all credit cards. Following or during design, we also optimize our sites for search engine visibility and optimal ranking. We also routinely integrate video, audio and/or animation into web presences if desired so.

Please contact us for your specific needs around your advanced web presence.


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